Core Commitments

Our mission is to help our clients grow, protect and transfer their family wealth and at the same time pursue the lifestyles they enjoy.

core commitment

Our Commitment

  1. We’ll provide a welcoming environment where you can always count on a personal greeting.
  2. We’ll place your interests before our own as we work together.
  3. We’ll seek to fully understand your unique needs, values, goals and challenges before providing investment advice.
  4. We’ll help identify your pressing concerns and provide structure, competency and follow-up solutions.
  5. We’ll provide a Personal Investment Plan based on a long-term approach to planning that balances enhancing returns with managing risks.
  6. We’ll maintain strategic alliances with professionals who can help solve challenges you face.
  7. We’ll employ an investment strategy that takes into consideration your goals and tolerance for risk.
  8. We’ll educate you about the principles, terms and strategies of wealth management so you can make smart decisions about your money in line with your goals.
  9. We’ll provide assistance and will promptly return your phone calls.
  10. We’ll clearly explain our fee structure.
  11. We’ll strive to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility.
  12. We’ll always welcome your extended family and friends as clients.

You are our mission.

Our entire staff understands your needs are a priority. We want our clients to be proud to introduce their family and friends to our firm.


Core Beliefs


Our entire staff understands your needs are a priority. We want our clients to be proud to introduce their family and friends to our firm.

  1. We view our clients and their families as partners.
  2. We work hard to establish strong, personal relationships with each of our clients.
  3. We view financial planning as providing more than a retirement plan. It also includes leaving a legacy for loved ones.
  4. We value open communication and encourage all of our clients to ask questions, share opinions and express preferences.
  5. We feel it is the right of every client to have access to our time, advice, and expertise. In short, we want you to be wowed by our service.



Our staff and our clients are involved in a number of community programs.

20th Annual Food Drive once again superseded previous years donations!
Thanks to generous clients like you, our annual food drive continues to be more successful each year. We appreciate your belief in our mission of feeding the hungry in our area.​


Community Work

Each year, WealthStone Financial supports a number of community endeavors.

American Cancer Society
Local area office is located at 4080 First Ave. NE, Ste. 101, Cedar Rapids. Learn more

American Red Cross Hawkeye Chapter
The Hawkeye Chapter serves the residents of Black Hawk, Bremer, Butler, Chickasaw, Fayette and Grundy counties in Northeast Iowa. Learn more

Cedar Rapids Airport’s Wings 2 Water 
Cedar Rapids Airport’s commitment to raising awareness and money to help support local conservation projects and improving the impact on The Mississippi River Watershed. Learn more.

Iowa Environmental Council  
Organization working to improve Iowa’s water quality and helping to protect it’s abundant natural resources. Learn more.

Linn Community Food Bank
The Linn Community Food Bank, a totally volunteer organization has provided emergency food to the residents of Linn Co. since 1972. Learn more

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